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Spiritual Healing

In addition to communicating with people who have died, the Religion of Spiritualism has a belief that physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing can occur by the practice known as Spiritual Healing. Spiritual Healing includes several forms of healing such as the “laying on of hands,” “absent healing” and “self healing.”

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is not an alternative form of healing that replaces regular medical care by licensed physicians. It is a form of complementary healing which is to be used along with your already established healing practices. A Spiritualist considers Spiritual Healing part of the whole package of wellness, along with care by licensed physicians, massage therapists, regular exercise, proper nutrition, and safe life choices of all kinds.

Even though when we look at our bodies, they look like they are one solid mass, in reality the body is made up of atoms which are electrons, neutrons and protons moving around each other at a certain speed…basic physics knowledge. Disease is therefore considered to be a part of the body vibrating at a rate that is inconsistent with what would be its normal rate of vibration. The rate of vibration of any part of the body could be faster than it should be or slower than normal…either would mean it was diseased or out of balance. Spiritual Healing attempts to bring the body back into balance and restore the various body parts to their correct rate of vibration.

Self healing

Self healing is when a person meditates or tunes in to healing forces to restore their own balance and health. This can be done through meditation, by sitting in nature, or by listening to comforting music.

Absent healing

Absent healing is when an individual, or a group of people at the same time, sends healing thoughts to a particular person or situation picturing them well and whole. The person receiving the absent healing does not need to know it is being sent or even to believe in it for it to work. Most of us already practice absent healing without realizing we are doing it each time we send our thoughts and prayers to someone we know who is not well.

Laying on of Hands Healing

Laying on of Hands Healing is a one-on-one situation with one person as a trained healer working with one person in need of healing. In Spiritualism, it is believed the healer is not the source of the healing energy. It is believed the Healer, who is in tune with and connected to Doctors and Healers in the Spirit World, receives healing energy from them. This healing energy then travels through the healer into the patient just as electricity travels through a cord to run an appliance. It is not necessary for the Healer to actually know or touch the area of the body in need of the healing energy as that energy will travel to the correct spot as directed to do so by the Doctors and Healers in the Spirit World.

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