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Private Readings

The British Style of Evidential Mediumship is considered the “Gold Standard” when it comes to reconnecting people with their loved ones in Spirit.  The reason for that is in Evidential Mediumship the Medium brings thru details of the departed loved ones physical life so the Sitter knows for sure who the Medium is speaking with.  It may include physical or personality descriptions, where they lived, what they did for a living, were they married and if so happily, did they have children, and how they passed to Spirit. It frequently includes small details that would likely not be known to the general public. One time I told a Mother that her son in Spirit wanted her to know he would be able to find his way home even if she didn’t put a candle in his bedroom window every night. Needless to say, I knew that was correct when she burst into tears and simply sobbed, thanking me for giving her her son back.  That’s what British Style Evidential Mediumship can do. Prove the continuation of life. In addition to proving the continuation of life, it also provides an opportunity for those who have unresolved issues with the person in Spirit to resolve those issues. I’ve many times brought thru apologies or answers explaining situations that occurred between those in Spirit and those in the Physical. Additionally this type of Mediumship can offer help in current life situations for the Sitter.  After all the Spirit Loved One has the time and the opportunity to seek out the answers for you.

My Private Readings are about an hour long.  I can do a reading for you either by phone or in person by appointment. The cost is $75 and can be paid either by check or cash if done in person.  You can also pay with Pay Pal on this website. It is best to call me directly to arrange a Private Reading.

To book a Private Reading call Marilyn at

(407) 247-7823.